308Si (18 8Mn), ER 308, ER 308L, ER 308LSi, ER 309, ER 309L, ER 309LSi, ER 310, ER 316, ER 316L, ER 316LSi, ER 347, ER 430, ER 430LNb, & 409Ti.

  • Size 1.60 mm – 5.00 mm
  • Surface – Matte , Bright Finish
  • Packing – 25.00 Kgs. Or 60 Lbs Layer wound coils with core or H 400 Plastic Spools Or K 415 Metal Wire Basket Spool.



If you are involved in SAW (Submerged are welding) process, you know that it is an extremely rapid welding process that generates high deposition rates. It is generally a dynamic process that required use of a submerged arc wire. With a few techniques to boost you SAW projects, including tandem, twin wire and stick-out welding, you can use our wires in a profitable manner.

We produce the highest quality SAW welding wires in stainless steel and we have no match. Our stainless steel SAW welding wire is durable and it can fit many different application and projects and offer excellent result if used correctly.

SAW welding process

As with MIG welding SAW welding is all about creating an arc amid a consistently-fed naked wire electrode and the workpiece. The first thing that a metal fabricator does is to place a thin layer of flux powder over the surface of their work piece. The arc travels along the joint line causing extra flux to be recycled through a hopper heat loss is usually low, as the arc is totally covered by the flux layer. This triggers a thermal efficiency of up to sixty percent.

Stainless Steel SAW Wire can be supplied either on a metal rim, plastic spool or a metal basket spool. We have the option Choice is yours.

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